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Information Article About Silver Oxide Batteries

This page within our Information Article Section at MEGAbatteries.com is published to provide the fundamentals about Silver Oxide Batteries.

Silver Oxide Batteries (also called cells) are wonderful alternatives to Alkaline chemistry batteries for the reason that they last between 2 and 5 times longer than Alkaline batteries. That means greater, more long-lasting performance from each cell.

Silver Oxide batteries actually contain silver in them. They are not rechargeable batteries and one must absolutely never attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries in a battery charger. To do so, poses a risk of leakage or rupture to the cell and/or fire to the battery charger. FYI: Other terms used interchangeable with non-rechargeable are: single-use, throw-away and disposable.

What all these terms mean, is that the battery has one life cycle and cannot be recharged once fully discharged. When it reaches a fully discharged state, it is no longer a useful cell.

Silver Oxide batteries (often called button cells or coin cells) are commonly  used in the following applications:

Electronic Dog Collars, Electronic Fences, Laser pointers, Watches, Cameras, Alarm transmitters, Children Books, Calculators, Garage door openers, Medical Monitors such as: blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and other products as well.

Our silver oxide cells come in either 1.5 Volt or 6 Volt capacities.

They are made by the leaders in the battery industry, such as Duracell, but are also made by many other battery manufacturers. Each producer of them, has their own “Model Numbers” and are marketed to include these numbers but reference which other model numbers they are equivalent to.

For instance, please refer to the list below to see equivalent (equal) model numbers for the various silver oxide cells.

The 4SR44, also goes by: L1325, 28A, A544, and the PX28A

The SR41 also goes by: AG3, 384, 392, 192, LR41, LR736, L736, GP192, and the V36A

The SR43 goes by: AG12, G12, 186, 386, L1142, LR1142, and the LR43

The SR44 goes by: LR44, AG13, L1154, PX76A, G13, A76, S76, and the 357,

The SR48 goes by: AG5, 393, 309, 193, LR754, LR48, G5, D309, and the D393

The SR54 goes by: AG10, 389, 390, 189, LR1130, SR1130, and the LR54

To the right of this information article, you’ll see our in-house inventory 4SR44 Silver Oxide Batteries. On the left hand side of each of our webpages, is situated our alphabetized index. In it you’ll find the main page for ALL silver oxide batteries. Simple click it if you want to browse the entire category.

If you’re in the market for them or any other from the Silver Oxide Series, please browse around and check out our inventory but please remember our mandate at MEGAbatteries.com:

“Nothing demonstrates good customer service better, than providing accurate product information to a prospective customer, before they buy. This shows we don’t just want to make the sale, we want the customer to get the CORRECT product for their needs. We want to make the RIGHT sale”.

So...........if you require any additional information on 4SR44 cells that haven’t been discussed in this information article, we invite you to contact any one of our battery experts. We’ll guide you correctly.

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4SR44 6 Volt Silver Oxide Battery (L1325, 28A, A544, PX28A)

Price: $3.95

12 x 4SR44 6 Volt Silver Oxide Batteries (L1325, 28A, A544, PX28A)

Price: $41.95

24 x 4SR44 6 Volt Silver Oxide Batteries (L1325, 28A, A544, PX28A)

Price: $78.95

50 x 4SR44 6 Volt Silver Oxide Batteries (L1325, 28A, A544, PX28A)

Price: $146.95

100 x 4SR44 6 Volt Silver Oxide Batteries (L1325, 28A, A544, PX28A) - Dog Collar Battery

Price: $239.95