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Information Article about 9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries

Here, we provide our visitors with general but valuable information about  9 Volt rechargeable batteries. Nothing beats knowledge when it comes to an informed purchase. As part of our promise of excellent customer service, we stand ready to answer all your technical questions about all batteries and battery chargers.

Safety is always the top priority in life. Absolutely never ever ever use 9 volt rechargeable batteries in your  smoke detectors!  Because of the essential role that smoke detectors play in our lives, they require batteries that are NOT rechargeable, and here we present the reason for it:

Standard rechargeable batteries, fully SELF-DISCHARGE after about two months.  Imagine expecting your smoke detector to alert you in case of smoke or fire with dead batteries. Batteries that have become depleted of power due to the natural self-discharge function that they perform! Only use NON-rechargeable 9 Volt batteries to power your smoke detectors. Other terms for NON rechargeable batteries are: Single-use and Disposable.

Your best bet in long lasting smoke detector NON rechargeable batteries are either: 9 volt Lithiums or 9 volt Alkalines, and of course, ALWAYS check the battery every six months for power and function. There is nothing better than old-fashioned smoke detector and battery TESTING!

Now, back to rechargeables....

9 volt rechargeable batteries are offered in both NiMh and  NiCD chemistries. They are measured in mAh (which means: milliampere-hours) and it’s important to know that the higher the mAh rating is, the longer the run-time the battery will have. Simply put, run-time = length of time the battery runs until it needs recharging.

Another exceptional feature of 9 volt NiMh rechargeable batteries (all NIMH batteries in fact) is that this chemistry does not suffer from "memory effect". Memory effect means reduced power capacity in a battery, caused by re-charging them before they have been fully discharged. When they are recharged before they have been fully drained of power, a battery that suffers from memory effect will “remember” its’ new, lower capacity level). NiCD batteries are subject to this effect.

The NiMH 9 volt batteries also offer higher power (more power) than rechargeable 9 volt Nickel Cadmium

(NiCd) batteries.

Just a few things to be aware of before making your decision about which 9 Volt battery is right for you, your lifestyle, the applications you intend the battery for and cost.

To the right of this information article, you’ll see our in-house inventory of 9 volt NiMh rechargeable batteries. Nothing demonstrates good customer service better, than providing accurate product information to a prospective customer, before they buy. If you require any additional information on 9 Volt Rechargeable batteries that have not been discussed in this information article, we invite you to contact any one of our battery professionals. We’ll guide you correctly.

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10 Bay 9 Volt Advanced Battery Smart Charger

Price: $76.95

9 Volt 325 mAh CTA Digital NIMH Rechargeable Battery

Price: $14.95

9 Volt 220 mAh Acculoop Low Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Price: $14.50

9 Volt 300 mAh AccuPower NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Price: $13.95

9 Volt 250 mAh Camelion NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Price: $11.95

9 Volt 250 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Price: $10.95

9 Volt 200 mAh NiMH Premium Rechargeable Battery

Price: $8.95

9 Volt 170 mAh Powerizer NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Price: $7.95