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Alkaline Batteries Wholesale
Alkaline Batteries Wholesale
LED Flashlights Wholesale
LED Flashlights Wholesale
AA & AAA Lithium Batteries Wholesale
AA & AAA Lithium Batteries Wholesale
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Batteries Wholesale
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Batteries Wholesale
NiMH Batteries with & without Tabs - Wholesale
NiMH Batteries with & without Tabs - Wholesale

Wholesale Batteries - All Types 

Let’s face it – there’s no shortage of places to go to purchase wholesale quantities of batteries and battery chargers. It seems everyone and their cousin “has inventory” to sell you. Is that really the case? We know two things for sure. 1) Website “portals” made up of affiliate “partners” luring customers to buy “their” goods are becoming more and more plentiful and will continue to multiply. 2) The best way to get the most value for your purchase is to stay away from middle-men and buy direct from the company who owns the inventory and ships themselves. If you are searching for a reputable battery supplier, who owns their inventory and ships from their own warehouse, you’ve found them here....

We supply batteries and battery chargers of all types, sizes and capacities in wholesale quantities to large volume users. Our wholesale clientele include Corporations in Private Enterprise, Government Agencies and Departments, National Chains in the Hotel Industry, the Fitness Industry and the Restaurant Industry, The Military, Medical/Labs/Research Facilities, Tour Operators, School Boards, Universities, Resellers, and the list goes on and on...

We’ve established ourselves as a trusted battery supplier with these organizations because we cater to each and every battery order with tailored precision. Some purchase orders we receive demand we sub-divide the order to multiple branch locations, some require that we hold the inventory here after it’s been purchased, and ship to them spread over time on a schedule. Whatever our wholesale battery customers needs, we work diligently to try to accommodate.

For the first time purchaser (as often happens with Schools for instance, when they implement a new course or school project), there are many technical questions that arise prior to purchase. Our clients know that we’re here, always here, to address all technical battery issues so that the best possible purchase is made to fulfill their battery requirements accurately.  If we wish to have repeat business with a customer, we understand that the entire service package we provide, counts. Price alone is not what buyers are looking for. We take pride in our commitment to providing unparalleled customer service to each and every visitor to our site or telephone caller who asks for technical guidance. Our philosophy is, if we can’t provide the technical assistance you need PRIOR to your purchase, how can we possibly expect you to be a satisfied, repeat customer afterward?

Yes, price is certainly high on the list, but we’ve got that covered by owning our own merchandise and stocking it in our own warehouse. Distribution is and always will be a concern. Less so when you deal direct with the owner of the goods. What remains after price, as priorities in choosing your supplier, are two things: 1) Do they address all my questions accurately and in a timely way? (no customer takes kindly to their calls and emails going unreturned), and 2) Do they ship exactly what I ordered (FRESH batteries) quickly and efficiently. Well......

We don’t sell Chicken. We don’t sell Cars. We don’t sell Kitchen Tables. We sell batteries and we sell GAJILLIONS of them. Since that’s all we do, we’ve worked hard to streamline our entire operation to maximum efficiency. The proof is in the quality product we deliver, quickly and competitively.

If you’ve been using  Alkaline Batteries for a long time but are curious about the benefits of switching to Rechargeable Batteries instead such as  NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride),  NiCD (Nickel Cadmium), or Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), let us tell you we can supply!

There’s no size order of batteries that is too large for us to ship at MEGAbatteries, and there’s never a worry that you won’t receive fresh batteries. All our stock is 100% fresh, GUARANTEED!

Here’s an overview of what we continually maintain stock in: Alkaline, NiMH, NiCD, Lithium, Lithium Ion, and Lithium Iron batteries. Get your AA, AAA, C, Sub C, D, 9 VoltGumstick,  Button Batteries(AG, SR, LR),  Battery ChargersBatteries and Charger CombosBattery Testers, Racks and Organizers here!

If you need custom battery pack assembly done, we’ll deliver! In addition to some OEM batteries, we of course, also carry: Duracell, and  Duracell  Procell,  Energizer and Energizer Industrial, PanasonicTitaniumTenergy, Sanyo and a host of other brand names in batteries. Motorola Radio Batteries, Tekcell, etc...

We’re also strong in Photo Lithium Batteries such as: CR123,   CR2,   2CR5,  CRP2,  and the CRV3? We’ve got ‘em! These are non rechargeable batteries but we have the rechargeable versions too!

Many recreational facilities and sporting events turn to MEGAbatteries for Super Bright LED Flashlights and the flashlight batteries that go with them too.

Our aim is to be your number 1 source for batteries, battery chargers and battery related accessories.

If you require your batteries shipped in bulk packaging, we’ll do it. If instead, you need them ready for retail sale and therefore require them to be blister carded, we deliver them that way.

Please bookmark our amazing  MegaBatteries Home Page for easy reference in the future and please pass along the link of our site to your colleagues and associates who will appreciate learning about the MEGA difference we provide.

While you’re with us, don’t miss out on amazing, no, make that incredibly amazing discounts on our DAILY BATTERY SPECIALS page, brimming with at least 50 items that we slash the prices on each day! These 50 items change each day, so as not to miss out on the great deals there, check it regularly.

We invite you to check out our Battery Wisdom section (We call It Battery Info, but it’s really wisdom when you consider there are many who don’t know what memory effect means, or what mAH refers to). Here, you will find a good deal of valuable and educational information on batteries and battery chargers. We’re confident that you’ll learn at least a thing or two there!

Of course, if you prefer at anytime to speak to a human being, we invite you to contact us where we will provide accurate and technical information to you in our notoriously friendly customer service way. Our after-sales-service, begins the moment we first hear from you!

Call Toll-Free: 1-866-595-3317

Fax Toll-Free: 1-888-735-9475 

Email: sales@megabatteries.com

Wholesale Inquiries: wholesale@megabatteries.com


Daily Featured Specials
Reg. Price:
USD 21.99

Sale Price:
USD 16.99
Powerex MH-C204GT AA / AAA Smart Battery Charger click for more info Item ID #20912
Reg. Price:
USD 36.99

Sale Price:
USD 31.99
Energizer Universal AA, AAA, C, D & 9 Volt Smart Battery Charger click for more info Item ID #21049
Reg. Price:
USD 16.99

Sale Price:
USD 9.99
18650 Lithium Ion Universal Charger (Single Slot) click for more info Item ID #19213
Reg. Price:
USD 69.19

Sale Price:
USD 49.99
8 x C AccuPower NiMH Batteries (6000 mAh) click for more info Item ID #14583
Reg. Price:
USD 122.99

Sale Price:
USD 89.99
8 x D AccuPower NiMH Batteries (12000 mAh) click for more info Item ID #17564
Reg. Price:
USD 24.39

Sale Price:
USD 21.99
30 x Size 10 Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries click for more info Item ID #18287
Reg. Price:
USD 59.99

Sale Price:
USD 44.99
90 x  Size 312 Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries click for more info Item ID #18292
Reg. Price:
USD 42.59

Sale Price:
USD 35.99
60 x Size 13 Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries click for more info Item ID #18290
Reg. Price:
USD 74.99

Sale Price:
USD 53.99
24 x 9 Volt Duracell Quantum (Hi-Density Core) Alkaline Batteries (QU1604) click for more info Item ID #21075
Reg. Price:
USD 19.29

Sale Price:
USD 14.99
16 x AA Duracell Quantum (Hi-Density Core) Alkaline Batteries (QU1500) click for more info Item ID #21311
Reg. Price:
USD 25.99

Sale Price:
USD 18.99
12 x C Duracell Quantum (Hi-Density Core) Alkaline Batteries (QU1400) click for more info Item ID #21009
Reg. Price:
USD 51.99

Sale Price:
USD 34.99
2 Bay 9V Smart Battery Charger + 2 x 9v 300 mah Batteries  (charge up to 1000 times) click for more info Item ID #15601
About MegaBatteries.com

If you’re looking for batteries or battery chargers, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve arrived at a real merchant selling batteries from our own warehouse. While on our site, you will not be taken to other sites (often called portals). We’re a real company doing business with our own inventory and shipping it out of our own facility. It’s like walking directly into a brick and mortar battery store, but without leaving your home!

For over 9 years, we’ve been providing batteries, battery chargers and battery accessories at competitive prices to hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers, Corporations, Government Agencies, the Military, Hospitals and Resellers the world over.

We carry rechargeable batteries and the chargers to go with them, as well as non rechargeable batteries. We sell battery testers, battery adapters and battery organizers.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service that is never without integrity and respect for the customer.