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Information Article about AAA Battery Chargers

Whether you are new to using AAA rechargeable batteries or are already using them for awhile now, you either need or already have a battery charger to go with them.  There are different types of battery chargers on the market today, so just to make sure you have the right one, or purchase the right one, we dedicate this information page to explaining the difference the different types of charging technology.

The two most common types of AAA battery chargers are: The TIMER-CONTROLLED charger and The SMART charger. Their fundamental operational technologies are quite different from one another.

First, let us say that both kinds will work on NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) and NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) chemistry rechargeable batteries.

Timer controlled AAA Battery chargers operate with a built-in timer that is pre-set at the factory, and run typically for between 8 and 12 hours, depending on each model. These chargers charge for the length of time they were designed to charge for and then automatically shut off when that time has lapsed. This shut off occurs regardless of the charge level in each battery. This type of charger is not equipped to evaluate the amount of power left in each battery and cater to each battery’s recharging requirements individually. All receive the same amount of recharge. They are inexpensive chargers for sure, but the price paid in using them is that some batteries, requiring less “topping off” might become over-charged, while those requiring more “topping off” will be rendered undercharged. Undercharging a battery does not ruin it. It just ends up with less power than full power. Overcharging however, can and often does, ruin a battery.

Smart AAA battery chargers (also known as Intelligent Chargers) protect your battery investment better than Timer Controlled chargers. They are more expensive than Timer controlled ones but here’s what the extra cost, delivers to you for the extra cost involved. Using a technology called Peak Voltage Sensor Technology, a Smart Charger is able to determine (through evaluation) the necessary “topping off” requirement of each battery within it. It does not  shut off in one fell swoop as time controlled chargers do. Instead, Smart chargers, treat each battery individually and restore power as needed, specifically to each. There is no concern that batteries might become overcharged, and thus, ruined. That is the way that Smart Chargers protect your battery investment better than timer controlled chargers.

We encourage you to reach us with any battery charger question you might have that has not been discussed in this information article. Great customer service includes accurate technical guidance before the purchase and that’s part of the MEGA difference we offer here at MEGAbatteries.com

If you would like to see our inventory of AAA battery chargers, please look to the right of this page and click on any of the links that interest you.

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16 Slot Titanium AA/AAA Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display

Price: $79.95

8 Slot Titanium AA/AAA Fast Battery Charger w/ LCD Display (charges batteries in 2-3 hours)

Price: $59.95

IQ-328 AA & AAA Intelligent LCD Battery Charger / Tester / Analyser

Price: $54.95

10 Bay AAA & AA Battery Smart Charger

Price: $48.95

Ultralast 30 Minute AA/AAA Multi Voltage Charger

Price: $28.49

AA/AAA Super Fast LCD Smart Battery Charger

Price: $27.99

Sunbeam AA/AAA Super Fast Battery Charger with Car Cord

Price: $25.95

V-868 8 Bay AAA & AA Standard Battery Charger

Price: $24.99

Kodak AA/AAA 1 Hour Smart Battery Charger

Price: $24.95

Ultralast 90 Minute AA/AAA LCD Smart Battery Charger

Price: $23.95

Uniross Cordless Pro AA/AAA Battery Charger (12v Plug for cars)

Price: $22.95

Quest AA / AAA 2 Hour Smart Battery Charger

Price: $21.95

Q2 Quest AA/AAA Intelligent Battery Charger

Price: $19.95

Ultralast AA / AAA Smart NiMH Battery Charger For NICD/NIMH Rechargeable Batteries

Price: $17.95

Uniross Classic AA / AAA / 9V Battery Charger for NiMH and NiCD Rechargeable Batteries

Price: $11.95

Quest AA/AAA NiMH/NICd Battery Charger (For Rechargeable Batteries)

Price: $10.95

Multiplier AA/AAA/ 9 Volt Portable Wall Charger

Price: $9.95

AA / AAA USB Stick Computer Battery Charger for nimh or nicad batteries.

Price: $8.95

V-888N AA NiMH/NICd Battery Charger

Price: $6.99