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Hello, and welcome to Megabatteries.com!


If you’re looking for batteries or battery chargers and chose to click on our site, you’ll be happy to know that you’ve arrived at a real merchant selling batteries from our own warehouse. While on the Megabatteries site, you will not be taken to other sites (often called portals). We’re a real company doing business with our own inventory and shipping it out of our own facility. It’s like walking directly into a brick and mortar battery store, but without leaving your home!


Whether it’s your first time here, or you’re a regular visitor, please take a moment to get to know us behind the scenes.


For over 9 years, we’ve been providing batteries, battery chargers and battery accessories at competitive prices to hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers, Corporations, Government Agencies, the Military, Hospitals and Resellers the world over.


We carry rechargeable batteries and the chargers to go with them, as well as non rechargeable batteries. We sell battery testers, battery adapters and battery organizers.


We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service that is never without integrity and respect for the customer. If we were to publish our mission statement, it would read like this:


Our mission is two-fold:

1) To deliver fine quality batteries (always fresh, GUARANTEED!), battery chargers, and battery-related accessories at reasonable prices, quickly and efficiently.

2) To provide accurate and friendly technical battery information to our visitors so that they make the best purchases for their particular battery requirements each and every time they shop at our store. (Looks like we just did publish it!)


Here’s a quick look at the different battery chemistries we offer:


Alkaline Batteries: Non Rechargeable Batteries. Long Shelf Life. Inexpensive

Alkaline Batteries in  AA,  AAA,  C,  D,  9 Volt,  AG Button Batteries Series,  4LR44 Alkaline,  LR1N,  23A / A27 Alkaline Batteries,  MN175 Duracell Batteries, NiCD,  AA NiCd Rechargeable Batteries,  AAA NiCd Rechargeable Batteries,  C NiCd Rechargeable Batteries,  D NiCd Rechargeable Batteries,  9 Volt  NiCd Rechargeable Batteries,  NiCd Flat Top Rechargeable Batteries, NiCd Rechargeable Batteries with Tabs, and NiCd Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Chargers


Lithium Batteries: Non Rechargeable. High Power. Long-Lasting

Lithium Batteries in: AA, AAA, 9 Volt, Primary Lithium Batteries, CR 1/3N 3V Lithium Batteries , 6 Volt 2CR1/3N / 28L / PX28L / L544 Lithium Batteries, CR14250SE 3v Lithium Batteries,  and Photo Lithium Batteries


NiCD : Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Batteries. Most offer up to 500 charge cycles. Popularly used in Solar Lights

NiCD Rechargeable Batteries in AA, (600 mAh, 700 mAh, 900 mAh and 1000 mAh)

AAA,  C, D, 9 Volt, Sub C, and NiCD Batteries with Tabs - Build Battery Packs


NiMH: Nickel Metal Hydride: Rechargeable Batteries. Most offer up to 1000 recharge cycles. Immune from Memory Effect

NiMH Rechargeable Batteries in AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt, Sub C, NiMH with Tabs, and NiMH Flat Top


LI-Ion: Lithium Ion: Rechargeable Batteries: Immune from Memory Effect. Long Lasting, Popular in Rebuilding Laptop Battery Packs

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries in: 18650 Lithium Ion Cells,  AA /AAA Li-ion cells - 18500, 17500, 14430, 14500, 14650, 3.7 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Packs, 7.4v Lithium ion Battery Packs, 11.1 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Packs, 14.8 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Packs, 7.4V Lithium Ion Battery Packs, 3.7 Volt Lithium-Ion Flat Cells,and Rechargeable versions of CR123, CR2, CRV3, CRP2, 2CR5


We offer Lithium Phosphate (3.2v - LiFePO4) Batteries,Hearing Aid Batteries inSize 10,  Size 13,  Size 312, and Size 675.

You can buy Medical Batteries, Two-Way Radio Batteries, and flashlight batteries here. (we sell flashlights too). We stockCordless Phone Batteries, Gumstick Batteriesand Super Heavy Duty Batteries.


You will notice that in all of our rechargeable battery categories, we offer bundled packages of batteries and the chargers that go with them. We call them Combos. If however, all you require are the chargers themselves, then our index can take you there specifically.


Wholesale pricing is available to all large volume users on all the batteries and chargers we sell. Whether in bulk packaging or on blister cards ready for retail display, we invite you to email your wholesale requirements to wholesale@onlybatteries.com and we’ll treat you right. If you require large quantities of batteries but prefer not to have them all delivered at once, we’ll provide scheduled shipments to you over time. Perhaps you need your order dispersed to multiple branch locations of your organization. No problem. We’ll geographically subdivide the shipment for you. We’ll work closely with you to fulfill all your wholesale battery requirements. Just tell us what you need and how you need it. No quantity is too large. And if you need a type of battery you don’t see on our site, please let us know and we will do our best to get it for you quickly and competitively.


One of the features of our business that sets us apart from other battery suppliers is our DAILY SPECIALS. We run highly discounted specials on over 50 different items and/or combos each day! That’s a far cry from the popular Deal-Of-The-Day that is seen on many other battery sites. Many customers bookmark this section of our site simply because they don’t want to miss out on knowing about any of our fantastic daily specials. Check it out. You must see it to know how much we’ve slashed the pricing...


You might be interested to visit our INFORMATION ARTICLES section. Here we provide technical battery information in “baby-talk”. We’ve had numerous testimonials from customers about this section, praising how a tid-bit here and a tid-bit there, helped them make a more informed purchase, and therefore a better purchase. It works well in conjunction with our BATTERY WISDOM section. It’s not surprising to learn that so many people out there don’t know what “memory effect” means, for example. Learning this, helps them decide between buying NiCD batteries or Lithium Ion batteries. In terms of capacity, what will a 2900 mAH battery do for you over an 1100 mAh battery? Both these sections address these issues and always, we’re here to talk with you about it over the telephone if that’s what you prefer.


Note that The Megabatteries website is a 100% secure environment, 24/7. All the personal information you provide when placing your order including your name and address, your email and telephone number, and of course your credit card information, are on a secure server. We never share, rent or sell any of your information. Not ever. In fact, moments after your order is processed, your credit card information is deleted.


To give our customers something additional to look forward to, we send out an email “flyer” each month with terrific battery deals to those who sign up to receive the mailer. It’s not a commitment for life though. If anytime ever wants to stop receiving the mailer, they can unsubscribe and we’ll immediately respect the request and implement it. Funny thing though, no one’s ever asked to be removed...


Yes, we’re in the battery business but we’re also in the people business. We value the opportunity to be your battery supplier and work hard to be transparent and approachable to you. To be trusted by you.


You can place your order online anytime, or call us Toll-Free at 1-866-595-3317 during business hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm EST (Eastern Time).


Thank you for stopping by. Please bookmark us and give us a try the very next time you need batteries. We strive to earn your business.


The MEGAbatteries.com Team