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Information Article about Battery Chargers

At MEGAbatteries.com, we’re committed to providing useful, accurate information about batteries and battery chargers in plain English. That’s what all our information articles are all about - enlightening our visitors with even one valuable bit of information that they didn’t know about before they came browed our site.

If you use rechargeable batteries, then you must know you need to have a battery charger to with them. People who use rechargeable batteries are obviously interested in using and reusing the same batteries over and over, over time. Both batteries and battery chargers form our entire business. We don’t sell kitchen tables, we don’t sell floor lamps. We sell batteries and battery chargers and our entire staff is equipped to give you the battery and charger information you need, before you buy, to ensure you make the correct purchase for your requirements.

Not all battery chargers are made the same. There are different types, made for either different chemistries (although there are what are known as Universal Chargers which charge more than one type of chemistry or battery size). There are also different types of charging technologies. This refers to the PROCESS the charger operates with.

For Example:

One type of charging process is called Timer Controlled and another is called Smart Charging. They have important difference between them and it’s best to know about each of them before you buy as they will each affect your lifestyle differently.

Timer Controlled Charging is a system where the charger is manufactured to automatically shut off at a pre-determined length of time. Let’s take the example of one that is made to turn off at the 10 hour mark.

In this charger, all batteries in it, will stop receiving a charge at this 12 hour point in time. The unit does not take into consideration (it doesn’t have the ability) what level of charge (power remaining) each battery had in it at the moment it was placed inside before the charging process began. What this translates to, is that there were different amounts of power left in each battery, they will not all be charged to completion. Those with very little power left might be undercharged as the unit shuts off at the 12 hour mark, and those that had only a little bit of power missing, might become overcharged if left in for the full 12 hours.  Overcharged batteries are rendered useless because they are ruined. As you can see, Timer -Controlled chargers are not really an ideal choice for people who have batteries of all different levels of remaining power. They are inexpensive chargers though, and oftentimes, people are willing to sacrifice some of their batteries for the savings they make on the Timer Controlled Battery Charger they buy.

By comparison, Smart Chargers (also called Intelligent Chargers), do have the ability to evaluate the amount of power left in each individual battery and it only “tops” off the missing amount of each. In this type of technological process, the charger cannot undercharge or overcharge any of the batteries within it. It treats each of them individually. Smart Chargers are not made with automatic shut off functions.

Using a Smart Charger, you will significantly preserve the life span of your rechargeable batteries but likewise, will pay more for the charger than if it were a timer controlled unit.

If you are usually unsure of how much power remains in your batteries at the time you recharge them, consider the one time investment in a Smart Charger and walk away worry-free that your batteries will be properly and correctly charged.  

At the right hand side of this information article, you’ll see our in-stock inventory battery chargers.

You may click any of the links that interest you if you’d like to browse around a little, but if you  have any unanswered questions about battery chargers that we didn’t cover on this page, we encourage you to ask us so we can provide the technical charger information you need, before you buy one. We're always happy to answer all inquiries and we do it promptly. That’s the MEGA difference!

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36 Volt 3 Channel Smart Charger for three 9.6V - 18V NiMH/NiCd Battery Pack

Price: $129.95

19.2V - 24V NiMh & NiCD Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $59.95

9.6V - 18V NiMh & NiCD Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $49.95

48V NiMh / NiCD Universal Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $47.95

4.8V - 10.8V NiMh & NiCD Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $45.95

2.4V - 7.2V NiMH & NiCD Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $44.95

14.8 Volt Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) / Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $39.95

11.1 Volt Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) / Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $37.95

8.4V - 12V 700mAh NiMh & NiCD Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $34.99

7.4 Volt Li-Ion / Li-Po Battery Pack Smart Charger

Regular Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $29.99

3.7 Volt Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) / Li-Polymer Rechargeble Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $32.95

3.6 Volt -14.4 Volt Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Rechargeable Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $32.95

6V - 12V 600mAh NiMh & NiCD Battery Pack Smart Charger

Price: $29.99

12V DC Peak Charger for RC Cars & Airsoft Charges 7.2 - 8.4V Battery Packs

Price: $19.95

12 Volt Charger for 6V, 7.2, 8.4v, 9.6 Volt Battery Packs

Price: $14.95

6 Volt Charger for 4.8V & 6V NiMH/NiCd Battery Packs

Price: $14.95