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 Home > NiMH - AA / AAA / C / D / 9V > 9 Volt NiMH Batteries > 9 Volt NiMH Rechargeable Batteries - Pack of 24

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10 Bay 9 Volt Advanced Battery Smart Charger

Price: USD $76.99

24 x 9 Volt Varta (P7/8H) NiMH Batteries (180 mAh)

Price: USD $294.99

24 x 9 Volt 220 mAh Acculoop Low Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Price: USD $291.99

24 x 9 Volt AccuPower NiMH Batteries (300 mAh)

Price: USD $282.79

24 x 7.2 Volt Varta 150 mAh 6/8H NiMH Batteries (9V Size)

Price: USD $275.89

24 x 9 Volt Energizer Recharge NiMH Batteries (175 mAh)

Price: USD $244.99

24 x 9 Volt 250 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries ( up to 1000 life cycles)

Price: USD $220.99

24 x 9 Volt Powerizer NiMH Batteries (200 mAh)

Price: USD $167.99


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9 VOLT NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) Rechargeable Batteries in 24 Packs

Many people, more and more, are switching from 9 Volt Alkaline batteries, over to 9 Volt NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries. For so many reasons, this is a most logical choice. Over time, and particularly in lots of today’s high performance consumer electronic “toys”, 9 Volt NIMH is by far, the clearly more popular choice.

Here is an ESSENTIAL piece of information to know in case you aren’t aware. Absolutely never put a 9 Volt RECHARGEABLE battery into a smoke detector. Smoke detectors require batteries that don’t self discharge quickly and NIMH rechargeables do that. A smoke detector is not something you might think about everyday. In fact, we tend to take them for granted in general. Smoke detectors must be relied upon to work when we NEED them to work, in case of smoke or fire. They therefore must have batteries in them that do not lose power when idle. Only use NON rechargeable batteries in them! Non rechargeable batteries that are suitable for smoke detectors are Alkaline batteries and the more powerful Lithium Batteries.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the fundamental features and wonderful benefits of 9 Volt NiMH chemistry rechargeable batteries...

The capacity of 9 volt NiMH rechargeable batteries ranges between 200 and 325 mAh (milleampere hours).

Very popular uses for 9 volt NiMH batteries today are in wireless microphones. Wireless microphones are used in more places than we usually think. During Religious services, at trade shows and business conventions where there are guest speakers, during lectures at Schools and University, in live action theatrical productions, at music concerts, at sporting events and basically every place where large audiences are addressed over a PA (public address) system. It’s 9 Volt NiMH rechargeable batteries to the rescue.

One of the most profound benefits of the 9 volt NiMH battery (All NIMH batteries for that matter) is that this sort of chemistry does not experience “memory effect. Now yo might be asking, what is memory effect. Sounds like something out of the special effects department of a Hollywood Production House. No, it’s not that glamorous. Memory effect is what happens to a battery that is recharged before it was fully dead to begin with. If you charge certain types of batteries which can sustain this type of effect, (NICD – Nickel Cadmium in particular), before they have become fully drained of power, only the empty portion of the battery will be replenished and it is THAT NEW LEVEL of power that will become the batteries new TOTAL power capability. In NIMH chemistry, this effect does not exist. The chemistry of NICKEL METAL HYDRIDE is immune from this. That’s benefit makes the battery cost a little more than it’s NICD counterpart, but when you consider that you can recharge them worry-free that you might be lessening their memory, it’s a price well worth investing in.

If you use 9 Volt NiMh rechargeable batteries, you need the right type of charger for it. The best recommended chargers for them are Smart Chargers (also called Intelligent Chargers). They are better than using a timer-controlled charger for one very simple reason, outlined below:

TIMER-CONTROLLED chargers operate on a timer that is built in during manufacturing. What this timer does, is automatically shut off after a specific, pre-determined length of time. Shut off times that are available range from 4 hours as in the case of AAA 750 – 1000 mAh batteries, to 27 hours, as in the case of D batteries rated at between 5000 and 12000 mAh. But irrespective of which batteries timer-controlled chargers have in them, still, the unit will shut off when the timer has elapsed.  Timer-controlled chargers are inexpensive for bur that savings, this is the potential consequence: Since all batteries within it are charged for the exact length of time, regardless of how much each one needed to be recharged for, some batteries will become overcharged and some will remain undercharged. You see, a Timer-Controlled charger doesn’t have the ability to determine how much power is left in each battery. It merely treats them all the same. In reality, most batteries go into a charger at different stages of charge remaining. Yes, they’re cheaper to buy, but only really recommended for the occasional user who doesn’t mind the possibility of losing some batteries to ruid (overcharge ruins them) and undercharge means they are not fully charged. It’s a trade off.

SMART CHARGERS (Also called Intelligent Chargers) have the technology and therefore the ability to evaluate and actually detect the charge remaining for each battery in it. If some is half full, it will be charged to full. If another is only 1/3 empty, it will be replaced a third’s worth. In the case with NIMH, as we mentioned earlier do not suffer memory effect, it’s an ideal choice to use an intelligent charger. Even if a battery has only ¼ the power left, topping it off does not produce a new memory for the battery. It can do this based on a completely different technology than Timer-Controlled chargers. Smart chargers actually treat each battery within it, individually and detect exactly the correct amount of recharging each one needs. Once a specific battery has been replenished, it receives what’s called a Trickle Charge just to keep it topped off until the battery is removed from the charger. Kind of keeping a cup of coffee on a hot plate just to keep it warm and not cool off. Does that makes sense? As a result, in Smart Charging technology, there’s no worry that batteries might become over or undercharged. It’s well worth the investment to protect the battery investment.

Scroll up to the top of this webpage and you’ll find our inventory of 9 Volt NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries in 24 PACKS along with 9 Volt Battery Chargers. Should you spot an item you’d like to buy, click on it and add it to your shopping cart. If BEFORE you buy, you have questions about the product, that’s what we’re here for. Please contact us with your query so we can technically assist you before the buy. Our aim is to be your number one battery source and we’ll our best to give you the level of customer service you need and deserve. We’re committed to it. That’s the MEGA difference.

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