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Information Article about CR 1/3 N Lithium Batteries

MEGAbatteries.com is very pleased to dedicate this page of our Information Articles Section to the fundamentals about CR 1/3 “N” Lithium Batteries.

Lithium is a non-rechargeable battery chemistry. Absolutely never try to recharge non rechargeable batteries. TO do so poses a very serious risk for leak or rupture to the cell and potential fire to the charger. Other terms commonly used interchangeably with the term non-rechargeable are: single-use, throw-away, and disposable.

The CR 1/3 N lithium cell is a 3 volt battery and is rated at 160 mAh (milleampere hours).

It offers quite a long shelf-life at up to 7yrs. They are known to retain their energy extremely efficiently with less than 10% discharge (loss or self-discharge) of their energy when not in use (idle on the shelf).

CR1/3 N Lithium cells are popularly used to power cameras, electronic toys, dog collars and electronic pet fences and other consumer electronics manufactured to use this battery type and size.

They are made by leaders in the battery industry such as: Duracell, Energizer, Ray-O-Vac, Ever-Ready, and Sanyo. As with all battery manufacturers, they issue their own trade name model numbers. In the case of CR 1/3 N Lithiums, these model numbers are: 2l76, k58l, CR11108, and 5018LC, just to name some. All these battery numbers are parallel and equivalent to the CR 1/3 N Lithium non-rechargeable cells.

Measurements for the CR 1/3N Lithium:

11.6mm (0.45  inches) in diameter by 10.6mm (0.42 inches) high.

Cr 1/3 N lithiums are not inexpensive batteries. Their costs can reach as high as 7 or 8 dollars apiece. To obtain the best in battery value, whenever you can, purchase these cells in bulk packaging (not on retail cards) for greatest savings. If you’re not buying them for resale, there’s no need to get them on blister cards.

At MEGAbatteries.com, we believe that price alone is not the only factor to weigh when it comes to choosing a battery supplier. Ultimately, they must offer accurate technical information to all who inquire. They must deliver what they say, when they say, and how they say. They must reply to all emails and phone calls in a timely way and never ever make the customer chase them. They must be flexible enough to customize large wholesale orders in various ways. They must, all in all, be the total battery solution for their valued clientele! There are lots of good deals to be had online for button batteries and for all batteries for that matter who delivers after-sales-service, before the sale service, and during the sale service.

To the right of this information article, you’ll see our in-house inventory of CR1/3 N Lithium. Please browse around if you’re in the market for them but remember our mandate at MEGAbatteries.com:

“Nothing demonstrates good customer service better, than providing accurate product information to a prospective customer, before they buy. This shows we don’t just want to make the sale, we want the customer to get the CORRECT product for their needs. We want to make the RIGHT sale”.

So...........if you require any additional information on CR 1/3 N Batteries that haven’t been discussed in this information article, we invite you to contact any one of our battery experts. We’ll guide you correctly.


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Energizer CR1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Battery

Regular Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $5.29

Duracell DL1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Battery

Price: $6.89

CR 1/3N (2L76) 3 Volt 160 mAh Lithium Battery

Price: $5.95

4 x Duracell DL1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Batteries

Price: $25.99

4 Energizer CR1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Batteries

Price: $24.95

4 CR 1/3N (2L76) 3 Volt 160 mAh Lithium Batteries

Regular Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $8.99

8 x Duracell DL1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Batteries

Regular Price: $46.99
Sale Price: $40.99

8 Energizer CR1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Batteries

Price: $45.95

8 CR 1/3N (2L76) 3 Volt 160 mAh Lithium Batteries

Price: $37.95

12 Energizer CR1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Batteries

Price: $64.95

12 CR 1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Batteries

Price: $50.95

16 Energizer CR1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Batteries

Price: $80.95

16 CR 1/3N (2L76) 3 Volt 160 mAh Lithium Batteries

Price: $62.95

24 Energizer CR1/3N (2L76) 3V Lithium Batteries

Price: $115.95

24 CR 1/3N (2L76) 3 Volt 160 mAh Lithium Batteries

Price: $89.95