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Privacy Overview

Megabatteries.com (owned and operated by Duslan Technology Inc.), is a retail shopping site and as such, we have a responsibility to protect our visitors and customers’ personal information. We take this responsibility seriously and assure you that your information is safe with us. We will not share, rent, trade or sell your information, namely:  the type of credit card, the credit card number, the name on the card, the expiry date, the CCID security code on the back, your name, your shipping or mailing addresses, your telephone or fax numbers, or your email address.


If you only browse our site and do not purchase, then the only piece of information we will store on a SECURE SERVER about you, is the IP address that belonged to the computer you used to access and navigate our site.  An IP address does not reveal any specific information about a human being – not their name, not their address, phone number nor email address.


If you purchase product(s) from us, either through the website itself or by telephone, fax or email, your contact and credit card information will be stored only on a Secure Server, since you will then be part of our client database as one of our buyers. Our entire client database is stored only on a Secure Server.



Our privacy policy is attainable on each webpage of the Megabatteries.com website. This includes all the page layers of the checkout process as well. If any changes are ever to be made to our Privacy Policy, rest assured that only the current version of it will be published on the Megabatteries.com site at all times.


Your Email Address

Megabatteries.com offers its’ users the opportunity to signup for participation in our email broadcasts which contain valuable discounts and special email-only promotions. We do this through sign up fields throughout our site as well as during the online ordering process on our site.  Each and every email broadcast we send to people who have opted in, has within it, an opt-out/unsubscribe option, should the receiver of it no longer want to receive these email deals. We promptly remove all emails from our email database immediately upon our receipt of notification to do so.


Reach Us With Your Concerns


We’re always happy to answer your privacy questions directly. Call, email or fax your questions to us and we will reply quickly.