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Information Article Solar Light Batteries

Solar Lights have gained much popularity in recent years with more and more people choosing to spruce up their properties over buying additional properties in rural “cottage” settings. Go to any home show trade show, and a large portion will be dedicated to home decor where solar lighting will have a strong presence.

Solar lights illuminate all sorts of areas outside. Virtually anywhere a wired light (lamp) can be used, a solar light can conceivably take its’ place.

People use them to bring light to walkways, garage door entrances, patio tents and structures, storage sheds, pools, children’s play areas and a host of other areas too.  They are simple to operate and are virtually free to use, in terms of their power consumption not appearing on your electricity bill each month! If you’ve never used solar lights, perhaps this is the year you might want to try them? If you already do  use them, you know how simple and delightful they are!

Solar lights work by capturing the sun’s rays during the daylight hours and converting that energy to electricity for illumination during the evening hours once the sun has set.

They are actually just portable lighting!

The best batteries to use in these lights are NiCD (Nickel Cadmium) batteries which are rechargeable batteries but here’s the great thing – you don’t need to charge these batteries in a battery charger because most of the solar lights made and sold today, have a built in charger just for these NiCDs. These built in chargers will NOT charge NiMH batteries however, so don’t place NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries into your solar lights. They will not work.

Now within the NiCD battery selection, there are different sizes offered and even within those different sizes, there are different mAh ratings to know about. Let us explain that here:

MAH means milliampere hours. This is the runtime (the length of operating time) the battery will deliver on one charge. The higher the mAh rating (expressed in numbers), the longer the run time will be.

The different sizes that NiCD come in are, AA, AAA, C, Sub C, D and 9 Volt. It’s the AA size that solar lights take and within the AA group, the best mAh rating to use is the 600 mAh, over the 700, the 800, the 900 or the 1000 mAh.

To the right of this information article, you’ll see our in-house inventory of Solar Light Batteries in size AA, mAh rating 600, NiCD chemistry. Please browse around if you’re in the market for them but remember our mandate at MEGAbatteries.com:

 “Nothing demonstrates good customer service better, than providing accurate product information to a prospective customer, before they buy. This shows we don’t just want to make the sale, we want the customer to get the CORRECT product for their needs. We want to make the RIGHT sale”.

If you require any additional information on Solar Light Batteries that haven’t been discussed in this information article, we invite you to contact any one of our battery experts. We’ll guide you correctly.

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AA 600 mAh Chateau NiCD Rechargeable Solar Battery

Price: $3.59

4 x AA 600 mAh Chateau NiCD Rechargeable Solar Batteries

Price: $12.89

8 x AA 600 mAh Chateau NICD Rechargeable Solar Batteries

Price: $22.69

10 x AA 600 mAh Chateau NICD Rechargeable Solar Batteries

Price: $26.19

12 x AA 600 mAh Chateau NICD Rechargeable Solar Batteries

Price: $30.49

16 x AA 600 mAh Chateau NiCD Rechargeable Solar Batteries

Price: $38.49

24 x AA 600 mAh Chateau NiCD Rechargeable Solar Batteries

Regular Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $38.99

48 x AA 600 mAh Chateau NiCD Rechargeable Solar Batteries

Price: $94.95